What I have learned from Cancer (in 6 weeks)

What I have learned from CANCER in 6 short weeks

by Dr Jodi Larry, ND.

(written Jan 2013, 6 weeks after the Diagnosis of my father, who has now passed on March 23, 2015)

On December 16th, 2012 my life changed forever – with the diagnosis of my Dad’s lung cancer, and the crazy roller coaster of the weeks that have followed – here is what I have learned (so far!)

Cancer may take your life away as you know it, but it cannot take away love, hope and faith

Life can change in an instant – so enjoy your life (not just when you hear about tragedy, but always!) – every single milli second. LIVE NOW.

Surrender to the flow…. – this was a statement that was my mantra and motto always, easy to live when things were easy, but pertinent now.

We do not have anywhere to run and hide. We have to face life and cancer head on – every horrible minute of it.

That if we look very deeply, very closely, very carefully – even this time can be sacred.

How much I love my family, that I would do anything for them, and how lucky and grateful I am to have that.

That strength is always there if we look for it.

I have found the balance between being a spiritual warrior and falling apart like a little girl – I have also learned that it is all OK, needed and allowed.

that COMPASSION is so important.

As much as western medicine knows so much – they know so little.

Drugs, chemo pills and radiation will help – but spirit, love, and the health of the soul are just as important.

I have become grateful for things i never thought I would before – the ability to walk on my own, function on my own, and to have all of my body working.

I have realized that when you ask “why me?” there is no one to ask – and that self pity gets you NOWHERE – so if you go there, spend 5 minutes and GET OUT FAST

I have learned that flowers and colors for a wedding are meaningless – that the people and the love in the room are what matters ONLY

I have learned how precious life is, how we must live fiercely every day, how we must nurture friendships – because your friends are the ones who will lift you up in crisis

I have learned that no matter how dark it gets, how tough, how challenging – CANCER WILL NEVER take away my spirit, my light and my love for life.

I have learned how to ask for help.

I have learned to believe in miracles

I have learned a lot – clearly. In 6 short weeks. What a journey.I will keep learning.