10 Day Cleanse - March 2019

10 Day Cleanse - March 2019


This investment in yourself includes:

  • 3 educational and supportive group sessions led by Dr. Larry,

  • Daily check in through email with nutritional tidbits, detox tips and motivational inspiration throughout

  • Group grocery shopping session led by a member of Dr. Jodi’s team,

  • Strong group accountability,

  • Unlimited email support by Dr. Larry over the 10 days,

  • A comprehensive cleanse diet and protocol,

  • An optional supplement plan to aid in cleansing the system,

  • A full and complete cleanse workbook with everything you need to know about cleansing,

  • An abundance of healthy recipes, meal plans, grocery lists, snack ideas,

  • Cleanses will never exceed 14 team members, so you will be receiving one-on-one, face-to-face attention to your needs, goals, and challenges throughout this process!

  • Dates and Details

  • 3 Group Meeting dates: (LIVE AND IN PERSON)

  • Mondays March 25, April 1 and 8; 7 - 8:30 pm

  • Location: Bathurst and Lawrenc

  • 10 day cleanse dates - Sunday March 31 - Wednesday April 19

    Optional guided grocery shop: Saturday March 30 - 11 am

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About the program

The Cleanse for Life program is a 10-day overhaul to your health and wellbeing, where Dr. Larry provides participants with the education, tools and support they need to adopt healthy new habits, and learn about using food as medicine. It is a program meant for those looking to reset and re-evaluate their health on a deeper level—the natural way. The Cleanse for Life program does not involve fasting, juicing, or tons of supplements; it is a program based on eating whole, nourishing foods that will heal the system and create long term balance.

Past participants describe this program as life changing—coming away feeling lighter, with improved digestion, energy, mood, sleep, skin, and overall health and vitality. Read their stories here or book your cleanse now!