Alumni Mind Body 30-Day Immersion - Fall (Evenings)

Alumni Mind Body 30-Day Immersion - Fall (Evenings)


Mind Body 30-Day Immersion into Yourself:

Theme: Discovering your inner worth as a KEY element in transforming your whole health, relationships, and LIFE.

If you’re looking to build on your Cleanse for Life experience, take a deeper journey into your health, and stay connected to a community of like-minded seekers, then this program is a powerful place to learn and grow.

Through a mix of cleansing, meditation, self awareness and self exploration, Dr. Larry will guide you to find your perfect 80/20 balance, and the group setting will keep you accountable to your goals. You will leave this journey with a greater understanding of the importance of self care, inner connection and mental/emotional awareness as KEY aspects of ultimate health.


The 30-day immersion program is split into three phases, with five 2-hour live group meetings throughout. Registrants will also be supported with daily emails, offering guided exercises and themes exploring stress management, mindful emotions, and self growth. We will start with a 10-day Cleanse for Life program, followed by a weekend to indulge in moderation where we learn to enjoy without pushing our limits, with a final phase focused on finding and maintaining your personal 80/20 balance, all while supported by Dr. Larry and the group.

Guest Facilitator - TBD


Tuesday, October 15, 22, 29, November 5 & 12

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