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This program is for individuals ready to take a journey into themselves, and move deeper into health on all levels.  This program has became a very powerful place to learn and grown in a group setting.

If you are looking to move further along your wellness path and open to exploring yourself and how your mind and emotions affect your health and life – this program is for you!

This program will involve meditation, journal writing, yoga and self exploration.  This month long immersion, allows you to transition into the 80/20 concept while still being supported by the cleanse for life process ( DO NOT WORRY – you will not be cleansing for 1 month!!)

How the alumni challenge works:

There will  be 5 live group meetings total with the daily emails you love for inspiration, guidance and support.  Each email will incorporate a guided exercise and theme to explore concepts related to stress management, mindful emotions and self growth.

Phase 1 – regular 10 day cleanse for life
Phase 2 – we will have the weekend to indulge in moderation and learn how to ”pull back” (this is key) – learning how to enjoy without going into extremes
Phase 3 – living out your personal 80/20 while still in the group, with support and structure.

This cleanse will be HOLISTIC – there will be a focus on the physical learning, food, new recipes and education.  We will also be focusing on stress management and mental/emotional health (more so then in the 10 day program).  I believe we cannot have whole health without balancing all levels of ourselves. Our mental state affects our food choices and vice versa.  This program is going to try to move us closer to balance on all levels.

This challenge is going to require hard work, commitment and determination.  It will be a very rewarding month on all levels.

The alumni mind body program is a group program (maximum 12 participants)

Group Meeting Dates: Tuesdays April 10, 17, 25, May 1 and 8  – 8 pm

This program also includes 1 –  20 min individual phone sessions, to go over anything that cannot be discussed in a group setting.

*It is recommended that you have attended at least one 10 day cleanse for life program before participating in this program*