About our Classes

Understanding what we put into our bodies is not only elemental to our existence as human beings, it is the key to our health and wellbeing.

Fueling ourselves cleanly is at the root of all of Dr. Larry’s teaching, and her evolution into cooking classes is a practical extension of the lessons she teaches in the Cleanse for Life program. If you want to stay on the path to health and make yourself feel the way you deserve, then it’s time to learn how eating clean can be fun, exciting and delicious.

In collaboration with Carolyn Cohen of DELICIOUSDISH Cooking School, Dr. Larry has developed two types of cooking classes for her health tribe:

Cleanse for Life Cooking Class

Based on guidelines determined by Dr. Larry, these classes are led by Carolyn and walk participants through meal prep and planning for 3 clean-eating feasts. 


Workshop + Cooking Class

Starting with a workshop session led by Dr. Larry, each of these classes focuses on a theme or topic, with a cooking class to follow, led by Carolyn, based on the concepts discussed. 

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Carolyn Tanner Cohen has owned and operated DELICIOUSDISH Cooking School since 2002. DELICIOUSDISH Cooking School specializes in whole food HOME cooking, meal planning, recipe developing and healthy eating. Carolyn is an expert in recipe development, menu planning, meal prep, kitchen organization and set up. Carolyn’s true passion is in teaching people how to cook whether you are new to the kitchen, seasoned in the kitchen, just need an upgrade, or simply want to train your nanny/housekeeper. Carolyn’s original recipes are foolproof, user-friendly and winners every time.

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