Our community

Welcome to the Cleanse for Life alumni community—here is where your journey into health continues. The Cleanse for Life health tribe doesn’t leave you after you finish a 10-day program; alumni are encouraged to practice and sustain all the habits they’ve learned, using the support and guidance of Dr. Larry and your tribe-members to move towards total self care.


Alumni Mind Body 30-Day Immersion

If you’re looking to build on your Cleanse for Life experience, take a deeper journey into your health, and stay connected to a community of like-minded seekers, then this program is a powerful place to learn and grow. Through a mix of cleansing, meditation, yoga and self exploration, Dr. Larry will guide you to find your perfect 80/20 balance, and the group setting will keep you accountable to your goals.


The 30-day immersion program is split into three phases, with five 2-hour live group meetings throughout. Registrants will also be supported with daily emails, offering guided exercises and themes exploring stress management, mindful emotions, and self growth. We will start with a 10-day Cleanse for Life program, followed by a weekend to indulge in moderation where we learn to enjoy without pushing our limits, with a final phase focused on finding and maintaining your personal 80/20 balance, all while supported by Dr. Larry and the group.

Check out our schedule to find out about our next 30-Day Immersion!


Alumni Monthly Accountability Meetings

As a Cleanse for Life alumni, you know how important it is to stay accountable to your tribe. Help yourself stay on track with monthly accountability meetings, open to all past Cleanse for Life participants.

Monthly meetings are meant as a safe space to learn and grow, re-establish our commitment to clean eating, and build a community committed to fostering growth towards becoming our their healthiest selves in mind and body.

Find out about our next meeting below, and come join us on your journey!

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