Dani Katz

“Jodi’s cleanse was such a great experience! She is an inspiration, and I can’t thank her enough for all of the insight and knowledge that she provided along the way. I know I will think long and hard about the foods that I put into my body going forward. Last night we had our last cleanse meeting, which means that our 10 days of cleansing are over. When I woke up today I wasn’t thinking I need my coffee. . . I started my day with a glass of water with lemon, a bowl of oatmeal with chia seeds, and some green tea. I am completely satisfied and don’t feel that I need to “break” the cleanse. This is a new way of life!! Thanks again Jodi. . .I truly appreciate your guidance over the past 2 weeks and I really feel as though you have made an impact on my life and my eating habits. I feel great!

Rebecca HuangDani Katz