Dayna Switzer

"Dear Jodi, I want to thank you again for the Group Cleanse. It was amazing to feel the energy of the group and be part of such an incredible experience. I felt so good throughout the 10 days and had some of the best night’s sleep that I can ever remember for years! After many failed attempts of breaking my extreme sugar addiction, I am so delighted to have finally gained control of the addiction and put it to rest. Your guidance was a pivotal part of this journey and it would have been impossible to do it without you. I have taken away so much from this experience and intend to implement many of the extensive tools you have provided to keep my sugar addiction in check. I feel better, more energized, cleaner, lighter and FREE of sugar! I look forward to working with you more closely over the next couple months and am so happy that you will be able to help me clear out my kitchen and set up the new staples that will assist me in ensuring that this new way of regarding food becomes my way of eating.Thank you so much Jodi from the bottom of my heart for starting me on this new journey and holding my hand through the next phase."