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YOU HAVE ONE SHORT LIFE, AND YOU DESERVE TO BE HEALTHY NOW As a naturopathic doctor, Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator and founder of Rituwell™, Dr. Jodi Larry is here to give you the support, tools, and knowledge to succeed in realizing your best, healthiest self! Whether you’re looking to simply improve your health, or you’re seeking a dramatic transformation – you’ve come to the right place.



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"Jodi’s cleanse was such a great experience! She is an inspiration, and I can’t thank her enough for all of the insight and knowledge that she provided along the way."


- Jonathan

"Dr. Jodi cares deeply about her community. She educates and inspires. The Rituwell Community membership provides guidance, support and a space to assess where you are on your health journey while connecting with others who are doing the same. It is a welcome retreat during these challenging times. I come away with a key takeaway to implement in my daily life every week". "



- Stacey

"I’ve set many goals for my health and personal wellbeing throughout my life and I always start out excited and motivated. After a few days, I loose motivation and go back to my pre-set ways without even realizing it. The Rituwell Community provides an inspirational, informative and supportive platform to help you work towards the best life you want to lead coupled with a community of supportive people all striving to work toward their best lives. It is a powerful and inspirational community to be a part of."


- Sean

"If there is anything you say you want to do, or are going to do, and never seem to get around to doing it, then this is the place for you. The easy stuff gets done, but it is the hard stuff we want that never gets done and is always relegated to “tomorrow”. Rituwell is a group that provides support and inspiration for getting what we say we want and is a source of invaluable information for living a rich, fulfilling and passionate life. We have one life. Why should it be anything less than the best it can be. And it is in our control to make it the best."


- Gloria


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