10 Things I Learned From My Dad in 33 Years That Will Last a Lifetime!

Apr 10, 2024

April 10, 2024

Ten things I have learned from my father ( in just 33 short years)

My Dad was a force—a true legend in my eyes. He was a risk taker, loved adventure, and excelled at so many things—specifically—his career, family, and golf!

I only had him for 33 years - but I learned lessons I will carry for a lifetime. Parents - know this - you are teaching by living. You are teaching by being you. What legacy are you leaving? What are you teaching that will carry through generations and lifetimes?

My Dad passed away nine years ago - just two weeks before his 70th bday. To celebrate my dad's 79th birthday, I will share ten things I learned from him that have shaped my life.


2. Persevere and keep going.

3. No one is coming to save you - although you will want them to!

4. The only two certainties in life are - death and taxes

5. Family is everything - so are friends! Give them your time and heart, and make special occasions, parties, and memories to hold onto and talk about!

6. NO matter what - TRAVEL! TRAVEL! TRAVEL! Explore it all. Let go when you explore and trust the adventure

7. Adventure is the SPICE OF LIFE!

8. Be authentic - stand out - don't worry about fitting in with the crowd. Be a trailblazer

9. Work hard - make a difference and be successful!

10. My Dad never treated me differently than my brothers (they might say differently), but I never felt it. My Dad taught me from a young age never to depend on anyone and to always have my own career and passion—over and above family and kids.

I love you, Dad. I know you watch over me daily. You guide me daily, and you are present in Lyon daily!!!! He is a fierce, stubborn, full-of-life little guy!

And parents reading this, let it make you think—how are you living? What are you teaching? What lessons will your children teach their children because of you? Your impact is immense. Take is seriously. Your life is now!