A warrior accepts that one can never know what will happen to us next

covid-19 Jan 02, 2023

A Warrior accepts that we can never know what will happen to us next. - Pema Chodron.

This quote is quite powerful right now.  This quote is quite powerful always.

A warrior accepts that we can never know what will happen to us next.  To me, this means that a warrior must SURRENDER. And the more one surrenders, the more resilience they obtain.  That resilience lies in our ability to surrender.

Resisting what is written in the quote above,  I have seen as a Naturopathic Doctor over the last 14 years, causes so much pain for people - so much ill-health - mentally and physically.

Once upon a time, we all thought we could not only “control” our emotions, but if only we could “control” all the external variables - then, we would feel “safe”.  This is how so many people I know live. But unfortunately, this tactic never works. We then try to layer on meds, food, the perfect partner, 2,5 kids, shopping, anything to numb the pain inside.  But we search forever….never truly finding what we are looking for.

This happens because we are looking in the wrong place.  We are looking OUT instead of in.

I have never ever in my whole career, or in my own healing journey seen someone fill that internal groundlessness, fear, or loneliness with anything external, and definitely NOT with control.

The more we try to control things that are beyond our control, the more we suffer.  The more resistance, tension, and stress are created in our bodies. The more ill health we have, and the more we suffer.

This pandemic is testing us now more than ever.

If I can offer you tools that might help you bring some peace to your fear and vulnerability around uncertainty and control its this.

  1. Breathe - remember this is something you have been given.  It is a powerful tool that is free and accessible and can bring so much healing to your mind and body. USE IT
  2. Surrender.  A large word, with a transformative element. Where can you try to let go, where can you try to let go of the unknown, of the fact that you have little control, where can you let go more in your life? This is a practice, that we get stronger at each time we move closer and trust more
  3. Love yourself in ALL your emotions - feel them, don’t judge them, love yourself in them.  Support others in theirs, and bring them the same compassion and empathy.
  4. Find tools and support.  NO ONE can do this alone. 

I have never felt more honored and humbled to be a Naturopathic Doctor at a time like this.

Our health is suffering, and it is my duty to help you all not only stay healthy but even start to thrive through the changes your making.

I will posting a ton of FREE resources and content in my cleanse for life tribe - Facebook group.  This is a closed group. To join - please click here!

There are also links to the support groups I have run with education and support since the COVID crisis started.

I am here to support you every step of the way!

With love, health, and peace,

Dr. Jodi