Are You in Burnout?

emotional health self-compassion wellness Nov 03, 2023

Burnout is on the rise in ways I have never seen before.


Please read on if you have been feeling exhausted, lacking focus, or emotionally drained.


In today's fast-paced and demanding world, experiencing burnout has become increasingly common. Burnout is a state of chronic physical and emotional exhaustion that arises from prolonged stress and overload. It is crucial to recognize the symptoms of burnout and take action to prevent it from escalating further.


Here are five signs of burnout that should never be ignored:


1) Chronic fatigue and exhaustion: Burnout can lead to feeling consistently tired and lacking energy, even after enough rest.

2) Emotional exhaustion: Burnout can cause individuals to feel emotionally drained, irritable, and overwhelmed. 

3) Decreased motivation and productivity: Burnout often results in a lack of drive and decreased work performance, making it challenging to stay focused and complete tasks.

4) Physical symptoms: Burnout can manifest in headaches, muscle aches, and a weakened immune system.

5) Cognitive difficulties: Burnout can impact memory, attention, and concentration, making it challenging to think clearly and make decisions.



If you are struggling with three or more of the above symptoms - please reach out ASAP and let me know!  You are in or on your way to burnout. You must pay attention before it gets worse.


I am here to support you 100%. As a Naturopathic Doctor for 17 years, I know that your body's symptoms should never be ignored, or they will only worsen.


When the body starts producing symptoms - it is a sign that change needs to happen. If you are ready - let's do it!


Reach out to me, and we can get started on your journey to health - mind and body. 


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