Changing Habits – What I have learned about human nature and the brain in the past few months

digestive health emotional health self care tools Jan 01, 2023

Changing Habits. by Dr. Jodi Larry, BA, ND, CYT.

What I have learned about human nature and the brain in the past few months….

As I reflect on the 2017 Fall season of cleanse for life programs, and individual work with clients, I am grateful for the lessons…I hope these words resonate into your heart.  Would love to hear your feedback! Thank you.


That we are all so similar.  We all have hearts that feel strong emotions – brains that are polarized – with a child who just wants freedom and fun, paired with an adult who pays the bills and works hard for their families every day.

We all have these brains, and our daily work – is to learn how to make this brain work for us – in a way that serves us – mentally, emotionally and spiritually

This work is HARD!!! Fuck, it knocks me down every time, every day – its hard, and it’s a practice – but it is the key to a whole-hearted life.  Truly.

That community and connection is pertinent in life, and in order to heal.  NOT Instagram or Facebook connection – REAL, in person, human connection.  When it is real and authentic and whole – it heals, and transforms every human being in the room

That making changes and burning old habits is not about will power – it is about awareness, knowledge, patience, will, accountability and practice.

That family, authentic friendships and meaningful relationships are the cornerstone of life. 

That the brain is where to search for the answers to changing habits – especially around drug use, alcohol, sugar dependency, and all the other self-destructive things we cling to for “comfort”

The parent child relationship is KEY, and understanding this in relation to the science – amygdala and cortex is the key to change.

The brain IS PLIABLE – I see major changes in human behaviour and habits and transformation in health in front of my eyes daily – its magical and beautiful and I feel privileged and grateful on a daily basis.

That the world really does reflect the people living in it – and that in order to be a part of the change – we need to heal our own internal darkness, or at least learn to love it – and work with it…..start to love inside your own heart…and see how that transforms the world around you. 

Self care and self love/acceptance are the key to weight loss, changing habits with food and drugs and is a tenet of well health and choices.

When we love and value ourselves we carve out a path as best we can that is aligned with that.

This is daily practice.

With love and admiration for all of you,