Medium Sherry Gallant

medium sherry_video video Jan 01, 2023

"If you believe in yourself - anything is possible"
- Medium Sherry Gallant

Sherry Gallant is a Spiritual Medium located in the beautiful town of Caledon, Ontario.  Over the years Sherry has learned to possess an impressive display of Mediumship skills including clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience.  She sees, hears and communicates with the spirit world with ease.  As a naturally gifted Spiritual Medium, Sherry takes her work seriously, with integrity and great respect to bring peace, comfort, and perhaps closure to her clients.


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  1. I tell my story of my first experience with Sherry. Among many profound things, the most transformative for me was Sherry telling me via my father - that I was pregnant with a boy who I would name after him. I went from her office to the drug store, and I was in fact pregnant, with a boy named Lyon (My fathers name is Lionel)

  2. Sherry's story of discovering this gift of connection inside her.

  3. What is mediumship and how does it work

  4. Signs from the other side - what to look out for, and notice

  5. The importance of connecting to your own spiritual side

  6. Powerful stories of people Sherry has worked with and examples of how she guides and connects

  7. Sherry really believes people need to trust themselves, and the whole world will open up in a new way