Jan 01, 2023

I just finished a 3-day intensive training in San Antonia Texas called The Daring Way TM.  This training was so that I could be certified to facilitate and teach Brene Browns Curriculums and research.

Brene Browns work changed my life many years ago. I was a participant in Daring Greatly, and it truly changed my life.  I knew from that day forward that I had to bring this work to the masses, because I truly believe this work will not only change individuals and families, but it has the power to change the world.


Dr. Jodi’s Parenting MANTRA:

Messages we need to tell our children daily and reinforce often: 

YOU are enough. Always no matter what. This is not something that changes based on outer circumstances. This is infinite and always. 

YOU are worthy. Always no matter what. Growing up is hard and challenging. As hard as it is for me as a parent to witness, I will let you feel your pain, disappointment and grief, and I will not run to take it away or numb it. I will hold your hand as you move through it. (I get this is hard guys, but so necessary!) 

Just BE YOU. Some will accept it and other may reject it. But you belong to yourself and you have to be the YOU that feels the best. 

Perfection does NOT exist, so stop trying. Realize and own your imperfections and celebrate your strengths. Perfection doesn’t exist. 

ALL emotions are ok to feel. Life is a journey, but you must know you are loved, you are worthy and you BELONG. You belong to yourself and you belong with me. 

Comparing yourself to others will destroy your happiness. There will always be others who appear to have “more”. Be grateful and celebrate all you have. Stay in your own lane.

May we all find this place in us, and allow our children to find this place in themselves,

With love and peace,