“We recreate from our past unless we replace it with a creation of the future” - Catherine Farquharson

inspiration series video Jan 02, 2023

Catherine is among an elite group of mindset coaches, helping women get more out of life and business. Achieving peak performance often requires a profound shift in one’s relationship to oneself, and Catherine’s work centers on helping female entrepreneurs remove the mental blocks that interfere with one’s ability to achieve the full expression of who they are. Catherine’s superpower is her ability to ask the right question at the right time to cut through the BS of your paradigm that holds you back. She helps you see the world anew, and show up in it in such a way to have the life and business you really want.


  • The way we see the world and ourselves right now is a product of childhood programming -- a program we still run as adults.
  • Habitual thoughts and behaviours (belief system, the way we view ourselves and the world), controls our logic which then influences our daily life.
  • It is with paradigms that we learn to create a new path and process to create and at some point we have to put our paradigms aside and expand our awareness.
  • Working with the resistance and allow it to all be apart of you so that it is not just something that takes us down
  • Mindset is not about toxic positivity or spiritual bypassing or pretending that those harder emotions do not exist but rather, owning all of them and working with them.


  • “The more awareness you have, the more choice you have in creating the life you want to live because you get the choice to show up”
  • “We recreate from our past, unless we replace it with a creation of the future”

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