Week 4 – 52 Weeks, A Blog Dedicated To Lionel Larry

52 weeks Jan 01, 2023

Week 4 – April 20, 2015

I am currently reading a book which I highly recommend to anyone who has lost someone close to them.  This book provides a lot of comfort around where our loved ones go, and how they stay connected to us always.   Many Lives, Many Masters is written by a prominent psychiatrist with a scientific, conventional medical mind.  This MD was not open to alternative or spiritual thoughts or practices at all.  Through the course of his studies, things happened that he could not deny.  I can tell you my jaw is dropped, and mind full of wonder and awe the whole read!  It is short and will engage you very quickly.  It is a must read for anyone on this journey.

I have always been a very “spiritual” person.  I still have no idea what my beliefs are on life after death, souls, or reincarnation.  I hope to read, study and ask a lot of questions over the next little while so I can find some answers that will sit comfortably in my heart.  This book was part of my quest, and it has provided some amazing tools and resources.

I have already received some very profound “signs”, that are undeniable even to the “non believers” (like my brothers, for example).  I would like to tell you about these now – they really will blow your mind!

My father’s best friend and brother for over 30 years is a man named Brian Goldman.  Goldman spoke at his funeral, and told some amazing stories.  The main story and theme of his eulogy, was an inside joke they always had.  Brian met my parents on a trip to Venezuela, because he was intrigued by the “Chiquita banana lady” (my eccentric mom).  My mother became known as this lady because of her crazy style and outfits.  Long story short – the funeral ended and everyone went to their cars to line up to go to the burial service.  Without a word of a lie, sitting on Alness road (right outside of Benjamins) at that exact moment was a huge massive Chiovitti banana truck.  Chiovitti, are the Ontario distributors of Chiquita bananas!!!!! Goldman took a picture, and that picture will now be with me always.  To me, that is an undeniable sign that my dad was present at the funeral, and wanted to thank Goldman for his amazing eulogy!  See below.


The next amazing “sign” also happened on the day of my father’s funeral.  Stand by me (his themes song, and the lyrics my whole eulogy was based around) was inducted into the library of congress for preservation – on March 25, 2015!!


The last sign I will share just happened yesterday.  I am currently on vacation in a beautiful, remote small town in the Caribbean.  I was talking with a girlfriend on the way to go see some local music and celebrate a dear friend’s 64th Birthday.  We were talking about the book I was reading, and how we really believe that our loved ones will always show us they are there – somehow.  As we were walking towards the concert, we started to hear music.  I stopped dead in my tracks, froze and started crying.  The song that was playing at the exact moment as we were walking towards the show – Stand by me!!!!!  I could not make this up, if I tried!! I cried, smiled, laughed and felt so much comfort and awe inside me.  I have been wearing my Dads necklace every day since he passed.  I held it, thanked him and felt full of love and gratitude the whole day.

Later in the day, I was lucky enough to meet a 109 year old woman.  She held my hands and said “Thank Gd we are alive, we are alive!!” She said that over and over again.  She held my hand tightly, and smiled and was just so grateful.

I will leave you with that thought today.  “We are alive”.  Each morning if you wake up with health, that is enough.  Your life will be full of happiness, but also tragedy.  Joy, but also pain.  We are alive to witness, connect and experience it all.  That is truly all that matters.  Experience and feel gratitude for it all.

I love you dad – I feel so blessed that you gave me a spirit that loves to adventure, see the world, appreciate nature and experience it all to the fullest.  I cry writing this, because I miss you – but I am so grateful to YOU for my spirit – you have no idea.  You are the best father in the world, and I hope you are enjoying this trip as much as I am.  I know you are with my every step of the way. Now and always.

Til next week,