Why authenticity is key to whole health

Jan 01, 2023

If you’ve been following my journey on social media recently, you’ll know that I have been co- facilitating Brene Brown workshops with my amazing friend and esteemed colleague, Sandra Lax.

In 13 years of working as a Naturopathic Doctor,  I have never seen a group workshop transform lives in such a profound, deep and impactful way.  It fills my whole body with intense gratitude when I think about the power of this process, and Brene Brown’s thoughts, ideas and concepts in general.


If you are reading this blog post, and have never heard of Brene Brown, I highly suggest, you scroll down to the bottom and take the time to watch the video I share.  It changed my life many years ago - and I hope it does the same for you.  It is worth the time - trust me!

Last week, Sandra and I co -facilitated a personal manifesto workshop.  This work was to help people figure out who they are when they are being fully authentic with themselves and the world.  Not who they are “supposed to be” or who they think they “should” be, but what they stand for when they whole heartedly feel they are living their whole truth.


Authenticity does not come easy in our fast paced world.  It takes hard work, proper support and a lot of compassionate awareness, to tear away the barriers and limiting fears that get in our minds for various reasons.  When we do the work to assess these parts, we realize what works and what does not serve us anymore.   We can then work to release these things and start to come into our whole authentic selves.  Who we were/are before external and societal judgments, pressures and "norms" supersede...


It’s important that we examine who we are, where we want to go -  and what needs to be shed in order to get there.


With permission, I am sharing one of the participants very powerful accounts.  Please read this.


 (I wish I could say I wrote it). This truly shows the power of this work.  If you want more information on this 18 hour intensive, please email me anytime!


Personal Manifesto - From a Daring Way™ Participant:


The values that guide me in my effort to show up and be seen are authenticity/truth, compassion for myself and others and creativity/”thinking outside the box.


I stand for practicing loving-kindness towards myself and others


I am most curious about human nature, human behaviour, human development


I must do something about bullying (particularly in early childhood as this is the root of shame in so many people).


I am most passionate about alleviating suffering in myself and others and creative expression


I have the courage to feel uncomfortable feelings, to be my most authentic self


I love making art, poetry, music.  I love being outside in nature, supporting young children and their families and being around animals (especially dogs)


In my heart of hearts I am deep and wise


I am on this planet to grow / realize my full potential and help others grow / realize their full potential


I will love myself by practicing self-compassion and self-acceptance


I will dare greatly by loving myself and allowing myself to be vulnerable enough to truly connect with those around me.

 Daring Way TM Participant


YES!!!!!! I love reading this, and I love sharing this….


Here is the video that changed my life many years ago. I would love to hear your thoughts and feelings after you watch it! 



With so much love,