Jan 01, 2023

After the long, heavy, snowy winter we had - its quite incredible, that spring is 9 days away!!!

I know I cannot wait, for the seasons to shift, but more so, for the light and warmth to come. Winter, especially this winter - carried a really heavy, dark, COLD, energy. As the seasons change, it is really important that we start to flow towards the lighter energy of spring. In order to do that though, we have to consciously make some changes of what needs to let go of. If you are reading this right now, I suggest you answer the following important questions:

  1. What habits do you have that you want to let go of as you move into spring?( i.e.: too much sugar, alcohol, coffee, stress)

  2. What habits do you have that are not serving your highest potential of health ? (lack of exercise, sleep issues, addictions, too much stress)

  3. What inner thoughts do you have about yourself that do not serve you (i.e.: I am too fat, I am not worthy, I am not smart enough…….)

  4. Are you managing your stress in healthy ways or do you have coping mechanisms that might be affecting your health in a negative way?

  5. What is your purpose in life? are you living in a way that is aligned with your purpose?

The answers to these questions will guide what action steps need to be taken as you move into this season, what support you might need to get there, and what is getting in the way of living your best health!

If we do not stop and reflect on where we are, and what habits we have that are getting in the way of our health, then we cannot assess what needs to change, and how we are going to get there.

All of the questions above weave into each other. I cannot tell you how many women I come into contact with, who’s inner dialogue is extremely critical, especially around their internal appearance. This criticism does not lead to healthy choices though, in fact it is quite the opposite. The truth is, when we learn to love and respect ourselves internally we are more in line with making choices that align with that - with food, exercise and stress management and self care.

Once you take the time to answer the 5 questions above, you will be able to see what changes need to be worked on, and you can begin to map out a plan to get there.


1 .drink TONS OF LIQUID –  water, herbal teas, green juices. It is very important to stay hydrated and drinking lots of water, is an amazing way to flush out toxins - both physically but also emotionally.

ACTION STEP: Start every day with lemon and water to cleanse the liver, alkalinize the system, and give your body a good morning cleanse. 

2. increase your fibre to remove and eliminate toxins through your bowel movements.  We should be having 1 – 3 healthy bowel movements daily – formed, long and thick (sorry if TMI!). If your digestion is off, its important you work on this, because it will affect all aspects of your health

ACTION STEP: Adding 1 tbsp. of chia seed to your diet daily is a great way to make your bowel movements healthier and allow you to eliminate more waste from the body.  Add it to oatmeal, smoothies, or even a salad!

3. Eat more DANDELION.  Dandelion is a bitter herb best known for its ability to cleanse and restore the liver (our primary detox organ). Dandelion greens are packed with vitamins and minerals and are about 14% protein, which is MORE protein per serving than broccoli and spinach. Dandelion greens are especially beneficial for the liver and aid in flushing out toxins and remineralizing the body.  It is no coincidence that dandelion blooms in the spring – the month of renewal, and the time we need to give our liver a boost after a long, cold, winter – and 2019 was particularly hard!!!  

ACTION STEP: start adding dandelion to your stir fries

4. Spring is one of the most important times to cleanse your system.  We spring clean our yards, closets, cars and so much more! We want to shed the garbage and feel lighter!  It is important that we also spring clean our bodies and minds – letting go of any heavy, toxic energy that does not serve your health and move into a lighter, more energized season of renewal.  

ACTION STEP: Commit to a cleanse program, or join my next 10 day cleanse for life program if you cannot do it on your own!!

We have ONE SHORT LIFE - We all DESERVE to be living up to our most vital health potential, and we all deserve this NOW!


Dr. Jodi