What Self Care Means to Me and Why it is a KEY Factor in your Whole Health

Jan 01, 2023

When people talk about “self care”, it can be a variety of different things - each unique to them. In this post, I want to talk about a form of self care that I believe is a pertinent part of your health. I encourage you to read, and learn, so that you can start to plug into your own body, and improve your health by leaps and bounds. As with everything I write, I will aim to be authentic, educational and empowering.

Because the average human attention span is very short these days, I will also aim to keep this short and to the point.

Self care, as it relates to improving your health - means carving out time regularly to activities that create specific qualities. By bringing these qualities into your everyday living as a practice, you will transform the way you live your life as a whole….its powerful.  

Self Care practices that I feel can really shift your health if you focus on them:

(the good news is - living this way is actually fun - and will enrich your life NOW so much…..)

Qualities/Practice of Self care:

  • self awareness

  • mindfulness

  • a non judgmental approach to understanding yourself (as a fellow human), so you can grow and transform into an even better version of you

  • an approach of constant work and growth - always striving AND always feeling grateful for how far you have come.

  • quiet time in the parasympathetic nervous system - relaxation system - yoga, meditation, slow time with family , time in nature, anything you find relaxing….(not your phone or social though - those things put us in SNS - stress driven system)

  • breathing - KEY and free and accessible

  • being grateful - TRUTH - it works! it will change your life, if you make it a part of your bones and blood….

  • slowing down


Self care is also manicures, and going shopping - but, those external things, like all external pleasures in life, are fleeting - and always leave us wanting more….

We need practices and activities that contribute to growth and change on the whole….that lead to more fulfillment and abundance - NOW.

I really hope you will join me and my incredibly talented friend and colleague Sari Nisker Fox for an amazing workshop on these practices, and how to start incorporating them into your life.

Tuesday April 9 at 11 am or 7 pm (this workshop will run 2 hours).

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